ColonelClusterFuck's Application

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ColonelClusterFuck's Application

Post  ColonelClusterFuck on Sun Dec 12, 2010 3:12 pm

01 - Name = Kasim Arshad
02 - In-Game Name = ColonelClusterFuck
03 - Email Address = OR
04 - Previous Clans = I had a few -i[T]. [Annoying] |>N30N<| #FT* I was leader Of [Annoying] |>N30N<| and #FT* but stolen from me and clan got devolped over time
05 - How long have you played UrT? = hmm quite long i would say a 1year
06 - How old are you? = 11 :S if my age is too young please ignore this!!!!!
07 - Please tell us about your qualifications & experiences, what servers you play on, and why you would like to join. = Well I am good Knifer
And quite good at G36 im a small-medium range player

I often play on 1up servers but for knife i play on |HK| Boots n Knives n Jump and shooting maybe uptown TS servers

I would like to join this clan because it sounds like a 'pro' clan and oK|Jeff told me this is a pretty good clan!

Additional Comments:
Please accept my application this could be the first proper clan I have joined

ColonelClusterFuck I love you


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Re: ColonelClusterFuck's Application

Post  AiM on Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:53 pm

Hello clusterfuck, this clan got new leadership I gave it to Texas and huddle they lease now, this forum is not active, go to madetwokill.proboards
That's the current forum
Oh shit nigga

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